About George Chahal

He was born at Calgary’s Holy Cross Hospital in 1975 to Ram and Surinder Chahal, who had recently immigrated from the United Kingdom to pursue the challenges and opportunities of Western Canada and raise their young family. Through a lifetime in Calgary, he has experienced first-hand the growth of our city through the highs and lows of a boom-bust economy. His parents struggled deeply through the economic lows, and this taught him to appreciate the contributions of all Calgarians and the importance of a supportive and loving family. He married the love of his life, Aman, in 2003, and has been blessed with three daughters—a beautiful family of his own.

Early Life

George attended Stanley Jones Elementary School, Colonel Macleod Junior High School and Crescent Heights High School.  These schools provided him with a high quality, well-rounded education, giving him the opportunity to study further at the University of Calgary, where he attended and graduated from the University of Calgary with a degree in economics and later, a Masters degree in Environmental Design.  George believes every child in Calgary should have access to high quality education, regardless of who they are, where they are from, or where they live in Calgary.

As a child of immigrants, George witnessed first-hand the importance of hard work, but he also understood that being a person of colour there would be additional challenges. His first employment opportunity was at McDonald’s on 32 Ave NE in Horizon. Working at fast food chain taught him responsibility, accountability, and social skills.  It was a great opportunity to engage with Calgarians of various backgrounds. Many years later, those same skills were adapted as a financial advisor with CIBC bank in Falconridge.  

Active Living

He is the youngest of three brothers, has always been active in community sports with a special passion for baseball, soccer and hockey.  He continues to play and actively supports his three daughters in their participation, by training with them and through coaching soccer. One of George’s proudest moments as a freshman councillor was the approval of a new athletic field approved at the Genesis Centre. Of the 78 high quality athletic fields in our City, none are in Northeast Calgary east of Deerfoot Trail. This is just one example of geographic social inequity that George is working to address as the Northeast’s municipal representative.  

George believes that public service is an essential part of Canada’s social and economic fabric. He is strongly committed to ensuring all Calgarians, regardless of background, are treated with dignity and have equal access to opportunity and resources—particularly those who are vulnerable, economically unstable, and otherwise disadvantaged.

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