My Priorities To You

As your representative in Parliament, I am committed to making Calgary Skyview a better place to live.

Investing in Public Transit and Infrastructure

Northeast Calgary deserves a safe, reliable and efficient public transit system. I have been and will continue to be a strong advocate for increased transit accessibility, frequency and integrating sustainability in our transit fleet.

Building Safer Communities

Everyone deserves to feel safe in our community. Making Calgary Skyview a safe place to live and prosper is a priority for me. Be it keeping guns off our streets, tackling gang violence, or fighting hate-based violence, we all benefit from increased public safety measures.

Diversifying Calgary’s Economy

As we transition to a greener and more sustainable economy, it is important to ensure that nobody is left behind. Northeast Calgary is a leader in Calgary's economy with our newcomer workforce, and technology and logistics industries. I am working to ensure our city has a diverse and resilient economy that is fair and equitable for EVERYONE.