March 27, 2023

Statement on the toxic leak at Imperial Oil's Kearl site

I strongly support the energy industry in Alberta, including the hardworking Calgarians who work in the sector. However, I am deeply concerned by the harmful impacts of industry on Northern Indigenous communities and their land. After a number of conversations in my capacity as chair of the Liberal Prairies and Northern Caucus, I am stunned by the recent treatment of these communities by Imperial Oil.

The Pathways Alliance has taken great steps in showing their commitment to decarbonization and achieving net zero. However, one of their charter members, Imperial, has shown a complete lack of respect for their indigenous partners. They have failed to communicate lawfully, shown little remorse for their actions, and caused severe environmental damage. They have also ignored the concerns raised by indigenous communities.

I agree with my colleagues, Ministers Guilbeault and Hajdu, who have called for the creation of a joint federal-provincial-indigenous working group to address oilsands contamination. I am grateful that Minister Savage has agreed to the establishment of this joint body to address remediation of tailings ponds. Additionally, I support increasing punitive fines for companies that violate regulations and pollute the environment.

The situation at Imperial's Kearl site highlights the importance of a well regulated energy industry, the environment, and indigenous partners working together to respect the land and its people.


George Chahal, M.P.

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