October 19, 2023

Statement on the Ongoing Conflict in the Gaza Strip

As the MP for one of Canada’s most diverse ridings, I have the privilege to represent all those who live within the boundaries of Calgary Skyview and across our beautiful city. Above all else, the duty to represent is my highest priority. As violence tears across the Gaza Strip today, the community I was elected to serve weeps with the world.

I have met with, listened to, and learned from members of the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities in the last few days. One thing is clear: Between the Israelis who were slaughtered and taken hostage by Hamas terrorists and the Palestinians who are without safe shelter, food, water, and electricity, or have lost their lives, civilians always bear the brunt of war.

I must raise my voice for the thousands of Muslims in my riding who mourn for their brothers and sisters facing violence and vengeance. I too will raise it for the Jewish Calgarians grieving with their Israeli brethren. The pain in these communities is unimaginable. All elected leaders have an obligation to call out hate in all its forms, including Islamophobia and anti-Semitism, both of which have run rampant and continue to escalate. All Calgarians must be and feel safe, regardless of their religious or ethnocultural identity.

For now, our government must do everything in its power to ensure humanitarian aid can be provided to Palestinians in Gaza. We must also be steadfast in our support for a future in which Israelis are safe and secure in Israel and Palestinians are safe and secure in Palestine. While the prospect of peace may seem dimmer than ever, this is the only path forward. Here at home, I pray that we find the compassion and grace we need to listen, learn, and move forward as Canadians—united.


George Chahal, M.P.

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Statement on the Ongoing Conflict in the Gaza Strip

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