June 7, 2023

Statement on Affordable Housing

It's disheartening to see that Calgary City Council rejected the Housing and Affordability Task Force's recommendations, which were well thought out and a step in the right direction. It's especially disappointing that eight councillors who supported a generous arena deal voted against these proposals. The issue of affordable housing is a nationwide concern, and the federal government is willing to collaborate with municipalities through our $4-billion Housing Accelerator Fund. However, we should not reward municipalities that aren't willing to come to the table.

Notwithstanding misguided partisan rhetoric, I appreciate and agree with points made by my Conservative colleagues Hon. Michelle Rempel Garner and Scott Aitchison. The mayor and seven councillors who supported the recommendations showed commendable leadership in addressing the issues of housing availability and affordability. During my time on the council, I witnessed the positive impact of improving housing availability and affordability on my constituents, particularly during the secondary suites debate. We must continue this spirit of cooperation across all levels of government to provide more safe and livable housing options in Calgary.


George Chahal, M.P.

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