June 19, 2023

$325 million for zero emission buses in Calgary

Our Liberal government is investing in public transit.

I believe in public transit. Expanding our network been a priority of mine since I first decided to run for office as a City Councillor. Since becoming a Member of Parliament, I've been able to advocate for transit investment on behalf of my constituents, and all Calgarians.

This work is paying off.

Our Liberal government's investment of $325 million into electric buses is huge. Not only are we modernizing our fleet and giving Calgarians across the city safer and more reliable transit options, we are reducing our emissions and achieving our ambitious climate goals.

People living in Northeast Calgary are public transit super users. This is a great investment, and it's only the start. I am going to keep working on more investments and advocating for projects like an expansion to the LRT Blue Line and an airport connector. Good public transit makes cities great.

George Chahal, M.P.

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